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Great American Insulation was founded due to a growing need for Insulation in a booming market of new homes in South Texas in 1994. Since then, Great American Insulation has grown in to one of the fastest innovative growing companies in the insulation field.

The growing demand for ENERGY EFFICIENCY has opened avenues and challenges for our company. We have risen to the opportunity of challenge to better the use of Energy. Not only are we involved in energy efficiency but we are also involved into the total WEATHERIZATION of homes and businesses.

Our Main office is located in Mission, Texas along the Mexican Border. We have sub offices in Beaumont, Texas City, Houston, Corpus Christi and El Paso Texas. Great American Insulation and Weatherization maintains our own fleet of work units, consisting of vehicles for insulation, weatherization and construction.

We also work for Non Profit organizations such as “Casa Del Alfarero” and “Community Action Development of South Texas”.  Their programs present more of a challenge. With Casa Del Alfarero not only do we install Attic insulation, infiltration as mentioned above but we also install ceiling fans, window air conditioners and refrigerators. Community Action projects extend the bounds of our commitment to assist families to better their ability to live better. We have construction work crew that repair and or rebuild home for low income families. Window replacements, roofs, doors, walls, floors just to name a few.
Many of these jobs are “in and out” in 3 to 4 days. These homes also qualify for all the other assistance such as attic and wall insulation, Home and Duct Infiltration, Compact Floresent Lights (CFL) refrigerators and stoves.

Our Accreditations:



Texas HERO, Texas Home Energy Rating Organization; Whole House Diagnostic

Our teams are trained in “Whole House Diagnostic”, in two parts. The first is by (if the house has central air conditioning) conducting a     Duct infiltration test to verify the leakage loss and improving the percentages by sealing ducts and the unit.

Then we proceed with the Blower door test to verify the pressure loss in the house. We then seal all construction openings and other factors that would permit leakage by sealing doors, windows and cracks to name a few.



EPA Certified Renovator, United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

On April 22, 2010 the Federal Government placed in to affect the “Toxic Substance Control Act”.

As of April 22, 2010 any home built prior to 1978 has to be tested for lead paint as per Federal law before and remodeling can be preformed. The testing can only be preformed by a EPA Certified Renovator.

Great American Insulation has all ready applied for our Federal License for Lead Paint certification and we have 2 inspectors EPA certified Renovators to do inspection on work sites in compliance of Federal law.

We adhere to the Employee Rights under the “Davis Bacon Act”. Since some of the funding for the programs we work comes from Federal Funds, there are strict guidelines when it comes to employee wages. Our office personnel that are trained in the execution of payment under this system.

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